Friday, May 11, 2012

Judo vs. Wrestling

The 1914 match between American catch wrestler Ad Santel and 5th-degree judo black belt Tokugoro Ito was an early gi vs. no-gi showdown.
A notable match in 1914 was between two prime representatives of their respective crafts: the American catch wrestler Ad Santel was the World Light Heavyweight Champion in catch wrestling, while Tokugoro Ito, a 5th degree black belt in Judo, claimed to be the World Judo Champion. Santel defeated Ito and proclaimed himself World Judo Champion.
Catch wrestlers like Frank Gotch and Martin "Farmer" Burns weren't wearing gis while they were submitting opponents in the late 1800s. And they weren't the first ...continue reading


  1. and what about Sombo ?

  2. intelligent appraisal of the 2 styles of wrestling (judo is after all wrestling) but i thought a word about Sombo might be relevant.

  3. Sambo is very similar to judo but is a style of wrestling. You can see a lot of adapted sambo techniques in russian greco and freestyle wrestling. In MMA you can see ufc 6 when Dan Severn defeated sambo legend and world champion Oleg Taktarov. In MMA Wrestling defeated sambo statistically.